Yocheved Rotenberg, the challenge with the internet is no different than any form of communication. This is not a criticism of you when I say that we have to take more care with the written word online, because of.

  • how fast people consume/gloss over words and details
  • social media/news outlets can be a place for people to be mean without a conscience.

I have found Medium to be the utmost supportive so far, and I’m taking the stance of responding to all comments, and to be mindful of any challenging responses by taking the time to respond with questions or in an engaging way.

That doesn’t mean I might not challenge you, as I did, because I was seeking clarity, for myself, and for you!

Thankfully, as we have both seen, it was a matter of needing more clarification.

I would LOVE to hear more about your journey and what you are doing in Isreal. If you think you have an idea that you would like to share on Th-Ink Queerly, please read the following post:

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